Vessel Owner Information

Owner:                                                                     Owner:                                                                

Address:                                                                  Address:                                                             


Home Phone:                                                           Work/Cell:                                                              

Work/Cell:                                                               Email:                                                                    

Vessel Information      

Manufacturer:                                            Model:                                    Hull #                                     

Length:                Year:                        

State Reg#                                            Doc.#                                       Location:                                   

Marina ph#                                         Key location:                                 

Name of Lien Holder:                                                                 Ph#                                                         

Acct:#                                                  Ins.Provider:                                                 Exp. Date:              

Vessel Specifications:

Aux power:                                   Condition:                                                             Hours:                     

Canvas:                                         Condition:                                                                                          

Bottom Paint:                                     Condition:                                      Last Painted:                           

 Engine Type:                                          Hours:                                Engine Serial #:                                  
Extended Warranty:       Yes       No  If yes, Exp. Date:                                

Engine (2) Type:                                     Hours:                    Engine Serial #                                             

Extended Warranty:            Yes         No If yes, Exp. Date:                                

Fishing/ Cruising Equipment:                                                                                                                                             
Overall Condition of Vessel:                                                                                                                                               
Additional Comments:                                                                                                                              


1. F.L.Tripp & Sons,Inc. (Broker) has been appointed as the exclusive  brokerage firm for the Owner(s) ; vessel/boat (Vessel)  described above for a period of                 days. Broker will list vessel for $                        .
2. Owners(s) agree to pay Broker a sales commission on the Vessel as follows:  (initial one)

           a.             10% of gross sales price.
           b.              Net Proceeds in excess of $                      .

3. Broker is authorized to accept a buyer deposit for the sale of the Vessel of $                         ,                 or                  % of the gross sales price, to be applied to the total sales price of the Vessel.

4. Broker is authorized to show, demonstrate and sea trial the Vessel. Such use by  the Broker will be at the Owner(s)' risk.

5. Broker does not  accept  responsibility for the preventive or warranty maintenance that may be required.

6. Owner(s) agree to make the Vessel available to the Broker to show prospective buyers during reasonable hours and agrees to inform Broker of any change in location and /or condition of the Vessel.

7. Owner(s) agree to refer all prospects, inquiries, and / or  brokers to the Broker.

8. Broker may agree to make dockage or land storage available for the Vessel at the monthly advertised rate, as space permits.

9. Upon a 60-day written notice, either party may cancel this exclusive agreement with the other party.

10. If an agreement for the sale, exchange, or transfer of this Vessel occurs within the 180 days after the termination of this  brokerage agreement, with a prospective buyer covered by the term of this agreement, the Owner(s) agrees to pay the  Broker a sales commission of 10% of the gross sales price at the time of the sale, exchange or transfer.

11. All funds relating to this agreement will be made to F.L. Tripp & Sons, Inc.

12. Broker is authorized to distribute and advertise listing information in order to promote the sale of the Vessel. Owner(s) and Broker may agree from time-to-time to share expenses for additional special advertising or promotional programs.

13. The risk of loss of the Vessel shall remain the responsibility of the Owner(s) during the period of this agreement or until the sale of the vessel, whichever occurs first. The Owner(s) agree to maintain property and liability  insurance during the period of this contract (attach copy of Certificate of Insurance)

I HEREBY AGREE to all of the provisions contained in this agreement.

                                                                                                                                                              VESSEL OWNER SIGNATURE           DATE:              F.L. TRIPP & SONS, INC.              DATE                          

VESSEL OWNER SIGNATURE                     DATE:

Please either fax to 508-636-4178 or Mail to:

Carl Tripp
F.L.Tripp & Sons, Inc.
P.O. BOX 23
F.L. Tripp & Sons, Inc.
211 Cherry & Webb Lane
P.O. Box 23
Westport Point, MA 02791-0023

Brokerage Agreement