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We have two certified outboard mechanics trained in the latest technology. We are a Johnson Evinrude authorized dealer and can perform all warranty service for this engine line. We have the experience to provide service for most any brand of outboard motor. Please give us a call and let us provide you with competitive pricing on a new or used motor. Dave or Josh can be reached at (508) 636-4058 ext# 126, or E-mail  by clicking on the button below.
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1.) Checking and changing the gear oil is the best way to protect your engine's lower unit.

2.) Flushing the engine with fresh water removes the salt build-up in the cooling system.

3.) Running fogging oil through the engine lubricates the cylinders and bearings during the winter layup.

4.) Spraying everything with a non-corrosive spray protects and coats all of the external engine components.

5.) Winterizing protects and enhances your investment.

6.) 4 stroke engines should have the engine oil and filter changed for winter layup. Dirty engine oil may contain contaminants that harden seals and cause premature wear.

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